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Services of the electrician in St. Petersburg Russia

Brigade Energoproff - high quality electrical services in Saint Petersburg, Russia!

electrical services in St. Petersburg, RussiaServices of the electrician in St. Petersburg (Russia) for companies and private persons. Emergency call an electrician at the house in the city and the Leningrad region. Brigade sober, intelligent masters inexpensively perform any electrical work on the highest level from the replacing electrical outlets and switches to the installation wiring.

Installation and connection manual, repair manual, replacement of machines and electricity in the electrical panel, replacement of electrical, repair electrical, full and local replacement of electrical wiring in the apartment, in the country, the drilling of the walls under the cable, Assembly, installation, repair of electrical equipment, installation and connection of appliances, installation of lighting fixtures, street lamps, connection chandeliers, sconces and more at your request.

Call an electrician at the house in St. Petersburg - for free! High quality electrical repair in St. Petersburg Russia by Energoproff. Go to Прайс-лист (Price-list).

Services of the electrician in St. Petersburg and the Leningradskaya region

Call us  +7-812-986-99-42  or leave an application with e-mail form.

7 facts about our services and team of electricians

1. Our team of private electricians working professionals only! We have assembled a team of masters of different levels. Every electrician unique in their field. At the age of specialists a great experience, young - advanced knowledge in modern equipment, information technology, without which it is impossible in the 21st century in a timely manner to find information on the Internet about various nuances in the work. An example would be a private electrician when connecting modern appliances or selection of materials, produced using the latest technologies.

2. We do not drink alcohol at work!!! We didn't shake hands!!! Working with electricity is dangerous for life! This electrician will not go under voltage drunk. Respect of the customer, so come in sober condition, no fume, so that hands are not shaking, and did their work. We are destroying the proverb, saying electric is always drunk. First sober team of electricians in St. Petersburg! Without fume! Without a hangover!

3. We do not charge for an estimate! We work without payment! Our electricians after a call to come to your home or office, at the place of the diagnosed fault free estimates. In any situation if you wish, just getting started. Prices for the services of an electrician specified in the price list may just be slightly different from the above. As for materials, you can buy them at any store or we will help them to acquire with the mandatory provision of the receipt. Payment for services of the electrician takes place only after full commissioning to the customer.

4. Private electrician become more profitable! Discount! Isn't it nice? Why not make a discount to the customer on the second and subsequent activities. Benefits for the services we provide with the greatest respect for our veterans of the great Patriotic war. Read more about categories of people who can receive, see promotions and discounts.

5. You can call us at any time! The fact is a bit slippery due to the fact that we are people too and sometimes have to sleep. Despite the work of teams of electricians from 10.00 to 19.00, you can certainly call at 22.00 and 23.00, but not in the hour of the night.) Available at any time convenient for you) you can leave your request on our site using the buttons connection request and Callback. Enter your contacts, the administrator orders or private electrician will call you soon. The cost of the services of an electrician after 19.00 expensive twice!

6. The duty of a private electrician on weekends and holidays! Specially for those who are on Saturdays and Sundays repairs in the apartment, who need expert help. In such a case we will be on-call electrician. Order it is advisable to do on Friday 22.00.

7. In all the performed services, electrician warranty period to 2 years. We are Not interested in Your hassle and a waste of their time on service calls on guarantees, in case of repeated occurrence of the fault. Therefore, all work performed on conscience, no dirty work, as for youself home.

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